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Between the Lines, Volume 9, Issue 4.5
Between the Lines, Volume 10, Issue 0.5

Midway through 1995, a contest was announced on AIP for the best story incorporating the titles to all the songs on the first four Debbie Gibson albums. Chortling with glee, I submitted this story at the last minute.

Alas, the contest's sponsor & judge lost his account and dropped out of sight before picking a winner. About a year later, he popped up again, proposing another contest using the titles from the first five albums. There was no public reaction, and he disappeared. Oh, well...

For those who want to know where I put all the song titles, without having to compare the text to a separate list of songs, here's a version with highlighted titles.

I've heard that three or four other people "went public" with their entries. Of those, I've seen one, by Shaun Stuart. It's called The Third Element, and it's very well done. It's also a completely different approach to the challenge.

There'll be more stuff here one of these days. I hope.

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