Happiness means greater things...
I'll sit here 'til that telephone rings!

(This page is soooooo out of date. Once upon a time, it kept track of when the message on the Debbie Gibson International Fanclub hotline was updated -- I was in New York, so it was a local call -- but it hasn't served that function in ages. I don't expect to update it anytime soon; there are many better fan sites out there. This is being kept on the Web only because it has sentimental value, being the first site I ever put online, albeit now on its fourth domain.)

You may wish to check out the hotline archives at NRG^.

Deborah did a Z-100 Interview on July 31, 1996. I've got a transcript, sound files, and a photo.

The lyrics from "Deborah" are online!

Here're some Deb-related writings.

For the best Deborah Gibson page in the known universe, try NRG^.

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