So, who is this "S."?

Brief biography:

Born in Brooklyn, on May 10, 1973. (So that's at least two security questions you have answers to.) Raised in Far Rockaway, NY, in Queens. Went to Queens College as an undergrad, picked up a master's degree apiece at UMich and Emerson College. Presently lives in the greater New York metropolitan area.

So, why ""?

Way back in the day, it was the shortest available personal-name-based domain name they could think of that didn't look stupid. They've been meaning to reverse-engineer a new meaning for it, now that they're no longer using any of the names in the original set of initials.

Wasn't he—

That's "they," thank you.

Weren't they called—

It may be an SEO nightmare, but their name is "S." Please don't use any obsolete ones you might know.

Professional history:

They have a LinkedIn page.

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