Christmas Dinner at the White House

By Shmuel Ross

The Oval Office was perplexed;
It knew not what to do.
For Christmas should it have the veal,
Or should it have the stew?

The question went from man to man,
But each one passed the buck.
Unless someone would take a stand,
They would be out of luck.

The President refused to say
A word about the case.
"I can't say what is going on
Can't say what's taking place."

There was no one who could decide
A problem of this sort.
So finally the case arrived
Right at the Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court considered long;
It had many debates,
And in the end it was resolved
To leave it to the states.

The demonstrations then began
They used all of their clout
The states voted and finally
The stew is what won out.

There was one thing that they forgot;
That they did not count on
A firm decision had been made,
But Xmas was long gone.

But still, things just aren't that bad,
There is nothing to fear,
For though it is too late this time,
They're ready for next year.

(Or maybe not, you never know,
You can't write off the veal.
Everything's set, and you can bet
That they will soon appeal.)

Copyright 1990 by Shmuel Ross. All Rights Reserved.